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Best life insurance companies in India

How can you decide which life insurance is the best? There are multiple parameters that must be considered while choosing a life insurance product. But Claims to Settlement ratio is one of most important factors that must be taken into the account. Claim settlement ratio is calculated as number of claims processed and settled against the number of claims submitted. Insurnace Top 10 Life Insurance providers In India IRDA Insurance Regulatory Development Authority (IRDA) releases a detailed report about the claim settlement ratios for all insurance companies in India. and based on the report for 2018-19 the top 10 life insurance companies are: Life Insurance Company Claim settlement ratio Number of claims received Tata AIA   99.07% 2700 HDFC Life 99.04% 12946 Max Life 98.74% 15087 ICICI Life 98.58% 10826 LIC 97.79%