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Life Insurance: Are you covered?

I’m sure you have thought about this question multiple times, but did you ever act on it? All of us are aware about the importance of having life and health insurance but not many have taken the necessary steps to invest time and efforts to buy one for themselves and their families. Do you know that there are different types of Life Insurance Products available in the market today and they come with different benefits and values? But before that lets understand if you need a life insurance or not. Do you need a life Insurance? Ideally not everyone needs a life insurance, but almost all needs one! Why do I say so? If you have no dependants, don’t have any liabilities/debts, have your own house/property, have a regular source of income (probably for your life time) to cover your day-to-day and incidental expenses; probably you may not need a life insurance. If you don’t fall into the above category, then you must consider having a life as well as health insurance. “I